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Arrival and Departure of Children


Instructions for the arrival and departure of children are included in the annual newsletter sent out in August before the beginning of the school year.


Children who are not picked up on time will be held in the office with a staff member while a parent or responsible person can be located. Children will not be released to anyone other than parents, carpool driver, or other authorized person.


Pick-up and drop-off must be made in the designated "circle" area. Parents parking in the church lot are responsible for the safety of their child and for delivering their child to the assigned classroom. Children should never be dropped off on the street. It is our policy that children are to be in care of a teacher or aide at all times, including field trips, etc.


Health and Emergencies


Children are checked upon arrival for evidence of illness. Any medication must be brought to the school office immediately upon arrival with written instructions for use. Medications are stored in a locked area until administered by a teacher, aide, or other official.


In case of a sudden or developing illness, First Aid is given. In case of an emergency, 911 is called and the child is transported to the nearest emergency facility. Parents are notified and are expected to arrive as soon as possible. 


In case of suspected child abuse, the teacher notifies the director in charge, who in turn notifies Child Protective Services.


In case of a missing child, all personnel responsible for the child are called into action and the police and parents are notified immediately. 


Safety guidelines are published in our fall newsletter. In addition, reminders are sent as needed. Teachers are trained in safety procedures before the August teachers' meeting.



Licensed by

Fairfax County Department of Health

Virginia Department of Social Services


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